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I had an interesting experience recently where an agency delivered a presentation on Social Media, and spent the entire hour talking about what they considered to be interactive marketing: Banner ads.

They didn’t touch on social media at all – which is curious. Did they genuinely think that social media is the same as interactive marketing- and did they really think that interactive marketing is an animated banner ad!

I’m not a fan of animated banner ads. For the most part they should be banned. They cost the often ignorant client a significant sum and the result is they’re usually ignored and often resented.

Creative agencies love banner ads because they get to be ‘creative’. But how many of you have been reading something online when an animated banner pops up and blocks a portion of the screen blocking much of what you’re trying to read? It’s more than annoying! and how many of you have been reading something bland when a banner ad pops up and gets your attention with something provocative and you think to yourself  “this’ll probably be some dumb ad-trap” but click on it anyway, and sure enough you feel cheated, because you’ve been taken to a credit card site or something equally unrelated to the banner ad teaser.

Agencies out there, we love you for your creative genius demonstrated in many ways but take note. To be interactive the user needs to ‘interact’ with the media. An animated banner ad jumping around and doing it’s thing is not interactive – having to click on something does not make it interactive. 

And to be ‘social’ there needs to be an ‘exchange’.



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Be in 🙂



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imgp02682Time’s running out.  Get rewarded for being ahead of the game. It’s not cheap. But it is an investment. And we know most of you are individuals who don’t have companies who will send you along. So this is your leg-up. Take it.

You are NZ’s social media advocates. You’ll get more out of this than anyone. Why? because while many will be digesting the basics, you’ll be keeping up.  It will all make perfect sense. You will see opportunities in your work/business that can propel you forward.  This isn’t social media 101. This is; Ok let’s get the basics covered and get down to what’s new and how we can make that work for you, now!

I’ve seen these guys. And I’ve never looked back. 

Your turn.


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