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When people ask what the most important things about blogging are, one of them is always; consistency. Be consistent. Siobhan.  And yet I neglected my blog for the next shiny object (which is a great and worthwhile shiny object which I will continue to use and encourage you to do so), Prosperous. But I did it because I was lazy. Posperous is  a group blogging platform. My personal blog is not.

So. End of year resolution. To practice what I preach and to be Consistent.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be talking about ConnectNow, a three day event in Sydney April 7-9 next year with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Solis, Tara Hunt (Miss Rogue), Laurel Papworth, Problogger, and more… presenting, provoking and engaging with the audience in this interactive event following on from Marketing Now! in Melbourne.

The focus of the event is the intersection of social media, emerging technologies and enterprise. The website will be live next week with details on the speakers and the sessions. It’s not going to be elementary stuff. We’ll be exploring augmented reality, ubiquitous computing, real time web, apps, LBS (location based services) and how they impact and influence new media and the social web.

Day one and day two will be conference. Day three will be comprised of two half-day workshops for the non-profit, arts and charity sectors.

We’ll be keeping costs as low as possible and will donate 25% of profits to a local charity in Sydney whose administration cost are below 14%. And there will be an early bird discount

Very exciting!

More soon, and I hope you can make it.


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