That’s the name of Brian Solis’s new book.  Reviews are great and you can order if off Amazon.

There have been a lot of posts lately from the likes of Todd Defren and others lamenting traditional PR agencies lack of understanding, and unwillingless to learn about – social media and online PR.

All the posts and articles share a common recommendation. The first thing to check for when searching for an agency that can help you with your social media objectives – is their social presence.  Are they leveraging off any social networking sites? do any of them blog? do they use online press releases? do they view bloggers as potential key influencers? can they show you evidence of successfully developing and implementing their own social media strategy, and can they show you some they’ve delivered for clients?

Don’t let them try and fool you that their  ‘interactive’ or ‘digital media’ work (while it may be impressive and creative)  is social. 

To be social there needs to be an ‘exchange’ .  

Talk, listen, engage.


I had an interesting experience recently where an agency delivered a presentation on Social Media, and spent the entire hour talking about what they considered to be interactive marketing: Banner ads.

They didn’t touch on social media at all – which is curious. Did they genuinely think that social media is the same as interactive marketing- and did they really think that interactive marketing is an animated banner ad!

I’m not a fan of animated banner ads. For the most part they should be banned. They cost the often ignorant client a significant sum and the result is they’re usually ignored and often resented.

Creative agencies love banner ads because they get to be ‘creative’. But how many of you have been reading something online when an animated banner pops up and blocks a portion of the screen blocking much of what you’re trying to read? It’s more than annoying! and how many of you have been reading something bland when a banner ad pops up and gets your attention with something provocative and you think to yourself  “this’ll probably be some dumb ad-trap” but click on it anyway, and sure enough you feel cheated, because you’ve been taken to a credit card site or something equally unrelated to the banner ad teaser.

Agencies out there, we love you for your creative genius demonstrated in many ways but take note. To be interactive the user needs to ‘interact’ with the media. An animated banner ad jumping around and doing it’s thing is not interactive – having to click on something does not make it interactive. 

And to be ‘social’ there needs to be an ‘exchange’.


Be in 🙂



imgp02682Time’s running out.  Get rewarded for being ahead of the game. It’s not cheap. But it is an investment. And we know most of you are individuals who don’t have companies who will send you along. So this is your leg-up. Take it.

You are NZ’s social media advocates. You’ll get more out of this than anyone. Why? because while many will be digesting the basics, you’ll be keeping up.  It will all make perfect sense. You will see opportunities in your work/business that can propel you forward.  This isn’t social media 101. This is; Ok let’s get the basics covered and get down to what’s new and how we can make that work for you, now!

I’ve seen these guys. And I’ve never looked back. 

Your turn.


OK tweeples, this is where you get rewarded for being socially media savvy. You get to go to the Marketing Now seminar and workshops for the price of one day only.

What do you do? you register and pay for the seminar only ($750) and get invoiced for the seminar only. You send an email to: info@marketingnow.co.nz and include in the email:

Subject field: Twitter offer

In the email: your name and your twitter ID.  For example: Name: Sarah Jones Twitter ID:Sarahscarer

(we don’t want your password!)

You’ll then receive an electronic receipt for both days: seminar and workshops: value $1,250.00. This includes all the extras: David Meerman-Scott’s book, refreshments, lunches, cocktails and good company!

Conditions: simple really. Just register and pay before midnight Tuesday February 10th (2009!). Ignore the other discounts on the pricing page (which pale in comparison to yours). You have something way better for being one step ahead. Run with it.

We are not promoting this on the event site. It’s word of tweet only. Let’s see how far it flies.

Spread the good word. 

And see you there.


Questions? ask me here or tweet me: Siobhan Bulfin.

Check out the mayor of New Plymouth Peter Tennent’s automated out of office response:


GREETINGS – I hope your new year is going well!

There’s no way I would be in the office – this is the place judged the best place to live in New Zealand (2008 – North & South, ACP Magazines) and the best place to live in the world (2008 – Liveable Community Awards). Of course I’m not in the office!

I’m probably out enjoying a good coffee in one of the town’s many cafe’s…… strolling the award winning coastal walkway…… catching a wave at one of our blue flag accredited beaches….. enjoying the entertainment at the TSB Bank Festival of Lights…… catching a world class show at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands…… the cricket at Pukekura Park (judged one of the world’s top six cricket venues)….. the Yachting at Ngamotu Beach….. one of the beach carnivals…… the latest exhibition at Govett Brewster Art Gallery or Puke Ariki…… chasing a golf ball around one of our magnificent international courses….. training for one of our round mountain cycle challenges….. taking a leisurely jog……. enjoying a “retail fix”…… tramping Mt Taranaki…… taking in the wonders of the glorious parks……. or relaxing with good friends, family, or visitors – because that’s what we do in Taranaki!

But – I also check my emails pretty regularly.

So, when it gets cloudy (not very often in Taranaki), or when the skin needs a break from the sun (far more often in Taranaki), I’ll respond to your email.

I’m very happy to take calls though – my mobile: +64 (21) ………

Keep the passion!

Kind regards



Judged the best place to live in New Zealand and now the WORLD!

New Plymouth

“The best and most liveable community in the world (population 20,001 to 75,000)”

“The best project in the world making a positive difference – the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway”

“The world’s best and most sustainable community”

2008 International Awards for Liveable Communities “The best place in New Zealand to live, love, work and raise a family”

North & South, ACP Magazines

This email message is confidential.

If you are not the intended recipient, any use, distribution or copying of this message is prohibited. Please notify us immediately and erase all copies of this message and any attachments.

Thank you.

For more information about New Plymouth District Council, visit our website at



Tourism Queensland have pulled off one of the best destination marketing campaigns in a long while. I’m talking of course about their “Best job in the world” which went viral via twitter, and every news channel on the planet it seems. And I wonder what it cost them? probably very little. Ingenius. I doubt it was a fluke!

Would be interesting to see the stats on visits to Hamilton island site since the ad went live.

Siobhan Bulfin